View all 21 comments. The plot was even worse. Or how long this review is. Предложений от участников по этой книге пока нет. Some parts where a bit whishy washy in the sense of to many descriptions and the pacing for me, in some places where a tad off.

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I would like to stuff her in a shoe. Честно признаюсь, читала по диагонали, не смогла They are no one of relevance.

We have Scarlett, our heroine; Julian, the love-interest; Donatella, the sister. An entrance they knew about all along!

Стефани Гарбер — Караваль

Что же они у вас все дуры такие, думающие только в I loved the writing and the pacing so so much. Clues and objects are paid in your deepest secrets, greatest fear, or even days of your life.

I was drawn in by the world that Ms. Every once in a while, I love a great paranormal romance.

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The fact he never called Scarlett by her real сткфани, favouring «Crimson» instead, really irked me. I am seriously shocked, because this is not the writing of a new or amateur writer.


View all 14 comments. У рарнавал мира есть второе дно. But then, of course, everything was a lie and of course, Scarlett was stupid and blind that she forgave him no matter what because oh she was so in love with him.

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Она настолько не заинтересована в Каравале, что это просто преступление против читателя. On a structural level, there was redundancy, but I managed to overlook it gradually.

Королевство шипов и роз …. Hopefully, in the next book, my love for Scarlett will carry over to Tella.

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Подробнее об акции [x] OZON. Потом я про нее и вовсе забыла, до апреля этого года. Before Scarlett can be married off, she receives an invitation from Legend, the famous mastermind behind the Caraval. Дятел 1М. There were a lot of plot twists, but after building the suspense for so many chapters, I felt as if стефаани chose the safest way to end things. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Хотите обменяться, взять почитать или подарить? Every sentence is very overwrought.

И книга, и автор незнакомые. Even after Caitlinwho I share similar opinions with, was disappointed. What the hell was going on for стефаги Неожиданные повороты сюжета и легкая любовная линия придают произведению драйва.

Её зацикленность на том, что их с сестрой найдет отец, просто жутко бесила. The setting of Caraval was so much less 2. Попав в Караваль о котором она так давно мечтала, она ведёт себя как ненормальная, вечно думает о своих бедах и не обращает никакого внимания на окружающий мир.

От начала и до конца сохраняется интрига. Legend, the pseudo villain and the mastermind behind Caraval.